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Short description: Dance is always a new, fresh, free action that does not obey anyone or anything, uplifts the soul and heals the body. The dancing man is on the bridge between man and God.This is a huge energy that feeds every cell of the body and gives strength to move on. It's a feeling of freedom and flight... Passion, inner rhythm, fantastic! DANCE is life! if I dance, then I live! Dance is a sign language. Dance is a state of mind! Dance is a force that sometimes makes people cry or laugh.Dance is the movement of the senses. Dance when you feel good. Better yet, dance when your soul cries out and your heart breaks in pain. Dance, don't care how others look at you. Dance, it doesn't matter how you look, how old you are, what gender you are, what nationality you are, it doesn't matter. We are all equal in dance. Dance, it doesn't matter if you dance well or badly. When there are many of us, we merge with the crowd. We are the crowd. We are one. And we all dance together. Is there a better feeling?!

Artwork "Wild Dance"

  • Year of creation: 2020
    Dimensions: 180x230cm
    Material: Acrylic on Canvas