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Description: Self-portrait of the artist.
An experimental project that lasted for 4 months. The idea was a metaphor for the thoughts, moods, events of the author every day throughout these months. It would seem that the complete confusion on this canvas looks completely meaningless, but if you look closely at the details, the philosophy of the picture begins to unfold gradually to the viewer. Each object of the composition is given an easy hint by the text put next to it from the wise utterances of once living or to this day living significant people in the history of mankind. Another unusual phenomenon of the picture is fluorescent colors, glowing in the dark with ultraviolet light, thereby painting seems to begin to live a new life, bewitching and beckoning with its depth.

Artwork "Insomnia"

  • Established: 2019
    Dimensions: 150x150 cm
    Materials: Canvas, fluorescent acrylic