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Description: Hippie originates from the word happy.
The movement flourished in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Initially, hippies opposed the puritanical morals of some Protestant churches, and also promoted the desire to return to natural purity through love and pacifism. One of the most famous hippie slogans is: "Make love, not war!", Which means: "Make love, not war!"Hippies are generally believed to believe in the following:
a person must be free;
freedom can be achieved only by changing the inner structure of the soul;
the actions of an internally relaxed person are determined by the desire to preserve their freedom as the greatest treasure;
beauty and freedom are identical to each other and that the realization of both is a purely spiritual problem;
all who share the above, form a spiritual community;
a spiritual community is an ideal form of community.
However, the hippie does not have a clearly formulated creed that, by virtue of its precise wording, would be a contradiction in definition.

Artwork "Flower Children"

  • Year of creation: 2020
    Dimensions: 80x80cm
    Materials: Oil on Canvas